The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

Hot tubs have come a long way in recent years. One of the most interesting innovations involves what are known as self-cleaning units. Why are these models so desirable and what are some of the primary benefits that they have to offer?

Bacterial Prevention

One of the most important benefits of any self-cleaning hot tub is that it is able to prevent the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria such as Legionella. This is critical, for such organisms can thrive in temperatures as low as 20ºC.

As most tubs are associated with much warmer water, self-cleaning and filtering mechanisms will help to eliminate such a potential threat. This is particularly important for those who may already have compromised immune systems.

Superior Filtration Systems

The second main advantage of self-cleaning hot tubs is that they are equipped with excellent filters. These filters are absolutely necessary to deal with particulate matter naturally found within most water supplies. They can also help to extend the lifespan of the entire unit by preventing the build-up of specific hard water compounds such as calcium and magnesium. These would otherwise damage sensitive parts over time and lessen the lifespan of the hot tub.

Of course, there are still some common maintenance tasks that must be performed by the owner. It is nonetheless a fact that self-cleaning hot tubs are the “wave” of the future. This amazing technology should continue to progress well into the future.


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