3 New Useful Features You Will Love In Hot Tubs

Designers and manufacturers of hot tubs are always coming up with new developments to make them better, more useful and more appealing. If you’re looking to buy one for your home, here are new features you will surely appreciate for their usefulness and aesthetic value.

 Energy efficiency

One priority for hot tub buyers is energy efficiency. Thankfully, hot tubs have incorporated energy-monitoring components that adjust temperature levels, tight covers to trap warm air in, added insulation, and pumps that use less power. This also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.

 Automated water sanitation and treatment

Water maintenance is a burdensome but essential task for hot tub owners. It need not be so now. Manufacturers have come up with automated testing and dosing, salt water sanitation system and built-in chlorine generators to make it convenient for the family. Water quality status can also be checked on your connected device if you are away.

Therapeutic aids

 Scents have long been known to be healing elements for both body and soul. Aromatherapy has been added to hot tubs, with fragrance in canisters infused into the air released from the jets.

Colored LED lights are relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind and spirit. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of hot tubs and can highlight certain accents of the tub.

Hot tub users can change the scents and colored lights to suit their moods. With water massage as hydrotherapy added to aroma and color, soaking in the warm water becomes a healing and soothing experience.


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