How to Fully Enjoy and Relax in Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great way to wash out the stress and troubles of the day. As you feel the warm water gently bubbling about and your body begins to counter the pull of gravity, reaching a state of wonderful weightlessness, it becomes easier to relax both physically and mentally. Of course, spending time in a hot tub doesn’t have to be the same old routine–step in, soak, and step out–because there are several ways in which you can enhance your regular hot tub use.

Watch a Movie

Although you’re unlikely to finish the entire movie while soaking in the tub, watching a favorite movie or catching up on a few episodes of a TV show you’ve been following provides a much needed distraction for utmost relaxation. Just be careful not to drop the remote in the tub!

Listen to Your Favorite Album

If music is your preferred means of temporary escape from the world’s noise and disorder, why not play your chill-out playlist or the best albums you’ve ever heard. Lovely tunes coupled with a relaxing hot tub soak can be the ultimate release from tension and stress that you’ve been waiting for.

Try Aromatherapy

They say that a person’s sense of smell is among the most effective triggers of memories. Light scented candles or scented oils to remind you of summer or take your imagination into a floral garden filled with nothing but beauty. Scents can also create the right mood, whether you want things to be romantic or nostalgic.


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