Making the most of your hot tub space

After you have invested in a hot tub, you also need to be invested in making the most of it. A hot tub is an affordable luxury but it shouldn’t become a white elephant simply taking up space. It should be enjoyed, often.


You should make a feature of your hot tub and the space in which it sits. You want your hydrotherapy to be the best experience every time you sit in and sink back into the warm water and its luxurious bubbles. Whether you have a small 2 person tub, or luxurious party size, you can add to its appeal.


The first way to make your hot tub space feel like a personal oasis is to work on the immediate space around it. Depending on the aspect of your house and where the tub is situated, you might want to consider installing some kind of screen. A hot tub is meant to be relaxing and it won’t be if there’s a constant fear that you’re being watched or overlooked. This might reduce the feeling of open space you might have considered for your tub area so it’s a case of considering which is most important to you.


Many Vancouver hot tubs are situated on patios or decks – the most popular site. This usually means there is space to work with to give the tub aesthetic appeal. You can work with tubs of plants and flowers, even small tress to decorate the area. There are also plenty of options in outdoor lighting that can make a big difference to your hot tub space.


It’s all about working with your hot tub and the space to make a haven you can’t wait to climb into.


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